Toronto - my favourite Canadian city!

One of my best friends from work was marrying the love of his life in Toronto, so I took this opportunity too see this beautiful couple say their vows and be a hardcore tourist in this awesome city! Toronto is great. It has so many fun things to do, coffee shops to chill at, boutique vintage stores to shop at and restaurants galore! I probably put on 10 pounds during my time here but it was worth every calorie. I think Toronto may be my new favourite big city in Canada (although it's  tough choice between Montreal and Vancouver). I bought a new lens for this trip, my beloved 35mm Sigma ART lens, which was just perfect for street photography. I visited as many districts as I could in my short 3 days there like Queen Street West, Kensington Market, Distillery District and Liberty Village - I loved them all! The St. Lawrence Market had amazing food vendors, my favourite was Kozlik's Mustard, where I learned that Canada is the largest exporter of Mustard Seeds! I took a boat out to the Toronto Islands and drank some delicious local beers by Lake Ontario. I could definitely see myself living in this city, if only it wasn't so far from the mountains!