Monika Krystyna Korczewski

Monika is a Polish-Canadian born and raised in Calgary, Canada. She started her photography journey when she was living in Baden, Switzerland in 2012, where she became deeply inspired by her ability to use the art of photography to communicate the wonders of our world with others. She works full-time as a Mechanical Engineer in Canada’s Energy industry and devotes the rest of her time to volunteer work and her passions including music, photography and travel. She loves to sing and has played the piano since age 5, the flute since age 9 and recently picked up the ukulele as it’s easier to bring on her travels! She has traveled to 41 countries on 5 different continents.

Her photography work focuses on the interconnected relationships between people and our planet. Portraying the many aspects of culture and how they shape our relationships with wildlife, nature, cities and humanity. She inspires to use her talents in photography, story-telling, music, knowledge in safe-engineering practices and her love for nature to promote well-being for people and our planet.

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