Who is St. Patrick anyways?

And in this temple we all pray in unity for the same thing
With matic pause without cause
Bass from those high definition speakers
Sitting in the corner on each side of the room
Givin’ us the boom boom boom
To our zoom zoom zoom
— FatBoy Slim

How did I celebrate my St. Patrick's Day this year? By taking photos at my favourite club in Calgary - Habitat Living Sound. If you've never been to this club, and adore house music like I do, then I strongly suggest you check it out! It's a small venue, so you get up close and personal with the DJ's and the crowd who is all there for the music. I got to watch my good friends Sullz and Deus DJ and they killed it as per usual. Getting home however was a catastrophe. The cabs were limited and the drunk humans were abundant, so it got me thinking - what is the purpose of St. Patrick's Day? Is it really too drink as much green beer as possible? The answer is no.

This day actually originates from a Catholic holiday commemorating the death of the Holy St. Patrick. Who was St. Patrick and what good did he do for the world you may wonder? Well, he was a Christian missionary and bishop who spent many years converting the Pagan northern half of Ireland to Christianity in the 5th-Century, and driving snakes out of Ireland, although Ireland apparently did not have many snakes. He died on March 17th, and in order to honour him, the Irish decided to lift all the Lent (Easter Restrictions) in order to indulge in food and alcohol (which may be why it has turned into such a drinking fest in modern society). And what about the colour green? Well, green is the colour associated with Catholics in Ireland and St. Patrick is said to have used the shamrock (three-leaved clover), to explain the Holy Trinity to the Pagan Irish. So there you have it, next year when you're drinking that green beer, take a moment to commemorate St. Patrick and that Ireland was freed of those dreaded snakes!